Vanishing Boundaries

Installation (T9 circular fluorescent bulbs, mirror, extension cables)
Variable dimensions, this image shows 500cm (W) x 500cm (D) x 10cm (H) approx.

"Vanishing Boundaries signifies a connection between West's long-standing artistic interests (including methodically gathering objects) and new sculptural experiments. Comprising of an array of reflective discs protruding above floor level, the installation emits intense bursts of light from underneath the discs; the concrete floor is transformed into a field of colour, connected by the trailing electrical wires. The hues of each light gently diminish creating, as the title of the work hints, soft colour mixes. Notably, the reflective discs also deny us full exposure to the source of light: a method that West has employed in previous installations." - Jack Welsh, 2013

Photographs by Stephen Iles