Dispersion of White

Installation (T5 fluorescent sticklights, acrylic, paint tins)
Variable dimensions, this image shows 150cm (w) x 140cm (d) x 30cm (h)

"A sizeable sheet of Perspex has been laid over an assortment of fluorescent sticklights. Your eyes begin to assess the situation. Unsurprisingly, the vivacious sheet of Perspex transfixes them; red, blue and yellow all fluidly bleed into each other without any clear delineation. The robust form of the sticklights project out from underneath the Perspex, like a glimpse at the inner workings of a complex industrial machine. You notice that four circular discs hold up the sheet; they are humble paint pots. Dispersion of White opens up a dialogue between the work and the practice of painting. The subtle introduction of the paint pot is a loaded gesture. Is the surface of the Perspex a comment on painterly sensibility?" - Jack Welsh

Photographs by Stephen Iles